Shaeffer Chiropractic Scavenger Hunt 2020 March 1st – March 31st

Shaeffer Chiropractic Scavenger Hunt 2020

Here’s How to play, From March 1st to March 31st

Each time you come in you get 5 points , You can complete tasks with your cell phone camera ( You Must Show us your pictures )or acquire objects ( that you show us) for your chance to win our Huge Gift basket worth $200.00 dollars

50 Bonus points if you come in on St Patrick’s day dressed as a leprechaun. Start March 1st to reach 100 points 1st and get an extra ticket in the drawing!

You need 100 points to be placed in the drawing!!

Object : Take a selfie with.. (5 points each photo)

  1. A mounted police officer / or police officer

  2. A Irish Flag

  3. A person with an orange beard

  4. A person with green hair

  5. A person with bagpipes

  6. A corned beef sandwich

  7. A glass of green beer

  8. Wearing a kiss me I’m Irish T shirt

  9. A gold coin

  10. Wearing black shoes

  11. Wearing a green hat

  12. A rainbow

  13. A 4 Leaf clover

  14. Wearing Green stripped socks

  15. A Leprechaun

  16. In front of an Irish pub

  17. With someone wearing a kilt

  18. Eating something Green

  19. A dog painted green

  20. Wearing shamrock sunglasses

  21. With a pot of gold

  22. With someone wearing a green bow tie / tie

  23. A green car / truck / SUV

  24. You at a st Patrick’s day parade

  25. A green item inside

  26. A green item Outside FLIP -OVER

  27. Eating potatoes of any form MORE ON BACK

  28. Wearing three articles of green clothing

  29. Wearing Shamrock Jewelry

  30. Drinking Irish Coffee


Objects 2 Acquire, or come in wearing ( 10 points each)

    1. Bring in a lucky penny

    2. Bring in a rabbits foot

    3. bring in golden nuggets

    4. bring in shiny gems

    5. bring in a green rock

    6. wear green beads

    7. Bring in a shamrock

    8. Come in wearing a St Patrick’s day Hat

    9. Come in wearing a St Patrick’s day T shirt

    10. Bring us in a green Marker

    11. Bring us in a green Crayon

    12. Wear a fake green mustache

    13. Drive a green car to us

    14. Wear a green wig / die hair green ( come in in green hair )

    15. Bring us a st Patrick’s day balloon

    16. Bring us a pot of gold

    17. Bring in a green horn you can blow

    18. bring in a 4 leaf clover

    19. wear 3 pieces of green clothing

    20. wear suspenders

    21. bring in a red balloon

    22. show us a 100 dollar bill

    23. Buy any products we sell

    24. bring us green cookies

    25. bring us green cake

    26. Bring us Anything Irish

    27. Bring Dr Shaeffer a new office plant

    28. Bring us green candy

    29. tell us an Irish joke

    30. Bring us a colored picture of a Leprechaun

Bonus ticket for 1st to reach 100 points !!!

Come in on St Patrick’s day March 17th or Wednesday March 18th Dressed as a leprechaun, and you automatically get 50 bonus points !!

Get 100 points and you could be our big winner